Artists presented in the apartment right now:

Rose Richter-Armgart

Tilman Rothermel

Wener Sünkenberg

For almost 10 years we have been offering artists the opportunity to present themselves on the internet under Now we also have a small analogue real gallery which we offer guests as an apartment.

During your stay here you will – in the true sense of the word – get much to see: Besides the artistic objects we offer you a good look behind the scenes of the “Crime Scene“ TV-production which was shot in our house in 2001. The thick photo catalogues are at your disposal to leaf through. In addition you will find small audio and video libraries in which, among other topics, you can also find this episode of „Crime Scene“.

Extensive information material on the artists as well as on current cultural events in and around Bremen is on display.Looking for something to read to help you unwind? Just browse through the bookshelf!

The special in the boards "visual sign" and " Venus of Savignone " from W. Sünkenberg is that they can be reshaped by her viewers, by you, creatively, so that "your" picture originates which you can order at the end of your stay as a pressure.
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